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Norman Castle

What to see in Bova, Reggio Calabria, Calabria


the Norman Castle stands at the top of a rocky spur and top dominates the village of Bova, in Calabria. The environments still legible are sites at different heights, but it is difficult to understand their function also for the fact that there has been an alteration of the original orography of the soil. The castle addossavano the city walls of which belonged to a tower, a circular plan (Norman Tower) which still exists today. There are various hypotheses on the dating of the complex fortification, it is likely that the existing structures are of Angevin age. In the centuries XV- XVI-XVII following the turkish raids, the castle represented an excellent and safe refuge for the population. The castle are linked different legends. On top, dug into a boulder, is still visible the imprint of a foot of woman. The orma would have belonged to the Countess Matilde di Canossa, who had received the castle by the Pontiff Gregory VII. If the orma then corresponded to the foot of a maiden, this would have discovered to be descended from the Countess of Canossa. Another legend speaks of the footprint of the "Queen". A Greek Queen seems had built the castle and if the orma had coincided with that of the foot of a young girl, the fortunate would have found the treasure of the queen.

  • Via Castello, 33, Bova (Reggio Calabria)
  • Castle, fortress
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