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Bridge Gobbo

What to see in Bobbio, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna


The Bridge Gobbo (also known as Old Bridge or Devil's Bridge) is an ancient bridge of irregular profile, that crosses the river Trebbia. Along 273 meters, was called Hunchback Bridge for the particular irregular profile with 11 arches unequal among them and placed at different heights. There are three pairs of newsstands or crocini, above the spans more. In the two above the arc greater (said della Spessa) there are two statues, depicting San Colombano and Our Lady of the aid. The name Bridge Gobbo was born from a poetry in dialect in 1907 by Valente Faustini. In the middle ages, the construction of a bridge was a work of great ingenuity, considered almost miraculous. For this reason the construction of bridges has given rise to many legends, which often had as protagonist the devil, since joining two places that nature (and God) had wanted to separate was seen by many as a diabolic opera. According to the legend, the Devil contacted San Colombano, promising to build the bridge in one night, in exchange of the first mortal soul that would have crossed. The saint accepted. In the night, the devil convoked various little demons who helped him in the work of the masonry, holding the times of the bridge. The devils were of different stature and so the various arches of the bridge came out of variable dimensions. In the morning, the devil wait the Saint at the end of the bridge, to require its compensation. San Colombano sent him a little dog. The devil, angry, before he returned to hell, he gave a kick at its product, which by then is so oblique.

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  • Via Ponte Vecchio, Bobbio (Piacenza)
  • 0523962815
  • Monument /attraction

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