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What to see in Caramanico Terme, Pescara, Abruzzo


Roccacaramanico is a ghost hamlet near Caramanico Terme. A very snowy place, its name is compound is composed of two parts: the first, Rocca, from the latin "stone, rock". The second part refers precisely to the nearby village of Caramanico, with which the small fraction has always had a relationship, from 1100 onwards. The local legend wants a baron-pastor, attracted by the singular beauty of the place, decided to settle in.

In 1971 were only 20 inhabitants, equal to 8 families, reduced to 4 inhabitants during the years 1971 - 1981. At the end of the eighties had remained only one inhabitant. The ghost village is slowly returning to live, thanks to tourism.

Worth a visit the mother Church of the Madonna delle Grazie and the Ethnographic Museum "Diana and Tamara", with finds and tables that represent the peasant traditions abruzzesi.

  • Via 1, 37A, località Roccacaramanico, Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (Pescara)
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Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme

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Largo Cavour, 2 - 65013, Citt Sant'Angelo (Pescara)
46.50 Kilometers from Roccacaramanico
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