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St. Thomas Becket's Church

What to see in Caramanico Terme, Pescara, Abruzzo


St. Thomas Becket's Church, aka church of St. Thomas of Paterno, from the name with which the village was known since the VIII century. National monument since 1902, the church seems to have been founded in 45 a.d. as a result of the appearance of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel at a certain Antimo of Antioch, disciple of Saint Peter. The church was built on the place where it was previously located an ancient temple dedicated to Hercules, since on the spot were found bronzetti depicting the pagan god and that in the crypt of the church there is a well of spring water, is necessary for the accomplishment of the ancient rituals turned to God.

  • Strada Provinciale 66, 4, località San Tommaso , Caramanico Terme (Pescara)
  • Religious location

Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme

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