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Gilded Bronzes Museum

What to see in Pergola, Pesaro e Urbino, Marche


The gilded bronzes from Cartoceto di Pergola, or simply gilded bronzes from Cartoceto, are a group of statuary roman equestrian composed of two knights, two horses and two women in the foot. Represent the only group of sculptures in bronze by provenance rimastoci archaeological of the Roman era.

The museum, hosted in the fifteenth-century former convent of San Giacomo, articulates, clockwise around the cloister, inside of which were placed three zones with functional characteristics differentiated. Passed the entrance and the ticket office, the second area contains the Pinacoteca and the hall of the collections of graphics, the coins minted by the Mint of Pergola and wooden furniture of the 18th century. In the third zone instead is placed the archaeological section with the exposure of polychrome mosaics and kits of tombs of the Roman Age, found in the area.

The visit ends in the hall where the group is exposed gilded bronzes; sculptures are exposed diagonally above a base that proposes a vision from the bottom upwards, similar to the original one, and allows us to grasp the fineness of the decorative details. The sculptures at lost wax indirect in an alloy rameica very rich in lead and gold leaf, constitute a valuable testimony of that policy of dissemination of images as monumentali symbol and propaganda of power, common in the Roman world from late republic onwards, which is explicit in this case by a work of great technical level.

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