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Church of San Sebastiano

What to see in Panicale, Perugia, Umbria


Inside the church you can see the fresco of the Martyrdom of San Sebastiano" by Pietro Perugino. Always in Panicale circulates the oral tradition that wants the Perugino finished the work in 1505, was remained debtor of eleven florins instead of forty agreed at the beginning of the job. For this reason vergò on the painting thirteen "P" to mean: "Pietro Perugino Painter grasping Painting Hog Panicalese Priest pays soon agreed price Painting". In fact for the famous thirteen "P" have never been found even after the restoration, who knows that the Perugino has not been omitted from the painting after payment that asked, or who instead was the fantasy of panicalesi that cre this nice legend.

Outside the Church on the left side at the top, appear two terracotta tiles bearing the dates 1690 and 1725, while in the outer part of the garden is located the date 1692. It is very difficult to interpret these three dates. It is assumed that the date 1690 is the year in which the nuns took possession of the building thanks to a bequest of Monsignor Paul Corsetti at the College of the Virgins. Likely even the date 1725 that could postpone to another bequest to the College. With regard to the last date 1692 is without any doubt refer to the construction of the wall on the initiative of the Nuns of the College.

  • Via Belvedere, 1, Panicale (Perugia)
  • Religious location

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Locanda Cacio Re
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