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Church of Santa Maria di Roncione

What to see in Deruta, Perugia, Umbria


the origin of this church probably dates back to the XI century, but its existence and documented only from 1141, when the Abbot Rinaldo Di Farfa, confirming to the abbey of San Pietro in Perugia on the possession of certain goods, it excludes appliances of the Church. You do not have other news until 1236 year of execution of the deposition. In the course of the Fourteenth Century the life of the church is documented by a news concerning its prior, Segnarelli Rinaldo, and the donation of two spouses of Deruta who surrender to the monastery a house in Deruta, four plots of land and a predio in Sant'Angelo di cells. In 1381 Urban III gives the priory of the Church to the Cassinese monk Carlo Caracciolo Napolitano. It is not possible to specify when the Benedictine monks abandoned the church, but it is likely that this was due to serious facts of arms that, at the end of the Fourteenth Century, funestarono Deruta and its territory. In 1611 the state of abandonment and ruin of the building was such that the magistrate of Deruta is addressed to the patrons of the Church because they cater to repair it. In 1613 it was joined to the College of the Seminary of Perugia and restored. However it should be noted that the present church is not the original, since it was built in the era imprecisabile, in proximity of the oldest building whose ruins were still visible up to half of the Nineteenth Century.

  • Strada Vicinale Santa Maria di Roncione, 1, Deruta (Perugia)
  • Religious location

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Locanda Cacio Re
Innovative menus characterised by umbrian traditions.
Via I Casali - 06040, Vallo di Nera (Perugia)
43.55 Kilometers from Church of Santa Maria di Roncione
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