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Where to shop in Bosa, Oristano, Sardinia


We show you a famous hotel in Bosa: the name Aghinas means "grapes" in the Sardinian dialect and the hotel is located in the historic district of Sa Costa. The name is linked both to the small family run company that produces the famous Malvasia di Bosa (an ancient and noble oxidative wine rich in history that has been ifor many centuries a symbol of the Mediterranean trade routes of the Near East and Central Europe) and to the nearby winehouse "Su Camasinu", where you can enjoy the wine in glasses, sip after sip. The winehouse is located in the historic heart of Bosa and is the place that has been designed for tastings. Here you can find wines along with other carefully selected Sardinian productions. Wine, therefore, as a representation of the area, cannot miss in the eight rooms divided into two structures (a building of the late nineteenth century and a house-tower of the seventeenth century), which makes up the hotel.

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