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Church of Sant'Antioco Martyr

What to see in Atzara, Nuoro, Sardinia


Raised between the XVI and the XVII century, is a remarkable example of Catalan Gothic style. The prospectus of the worship building expanded in width, has a facewalls from accurate cutting everything in trachyte; the terminal plan is solved by a cornice on which rest the merlons, always in trachyte, three-lobed. The portal is surmounted by a rose window provided with radially posts connected by small arches; two semicircular windows, on the sides, illumine the aisles. On the right side and partly incorporated to the Church, is the bell tower, a square barrel, in trachyte, with distinct mirrors horizontally by string course cornices and single lancet acute sixth and throughout the sixth. The tower is completed by a fence to balustrade in stone, very similar to that of the presbytery fence of the neighboring rural sanctuary of San Mauro, in agro arise.

A dome carrying a large ball of copper with a cross above that the campanile wore once, was eliminated for danger of collapse. Disappearance even a small stone sculpture that had the appearance of a man without clothes said commonly on moru sacru, that it was placed in front of the Church with respect to the facade and who acted as the drainage for rainwater.

The house is trinavata with the main nave vaulted acute sixth and side to all sixth. There are two side chapels and other two next to the presbytery, all are turn cask. The inside is traversed by serrated cornices and niches timpanate adorn the heads of the side chapels, all classical elements or already tardornanieristici. The wooden altar, in spanish style, is now placed in the chapel of the Sacred Heart. They deserve to be remember some precious silverware from the sixteenth century: a monstrance of Spanish invoice and a Cross by a Cagliari workshop.

  • Piazza Parrocchia, 2, Atzara (Nuoro)
  • Religious location

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