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Montetortore is a historical place. On the mountain, straddling the provinces of Modena and Bologna, you can find the imposing ruins of the twelfth century castle, for centuries the real "capital" of the mountains between the Samoggia and Panaro Rivers. A place that has always been strategic, on the border between two states and with a view that ranged over two valleys. Between the 15th and 16th centuries Montetortore was the headquarters of the Podestà’s office, an administrative and political body that controlled the entire surrounding territory. As well as the ruins of the castle and the church, the village of Dragodena is worth a trip, situated at the foot of Montetortore, on the side that slopes down towards the Samoggia River. Other very interesting places are Monte San Giacomo, the fifteenth place Fontana and those of Usignolo (XVI century), the oratory of San Rocco and the convent of Braglie. In Montetortore, when the season is right, you can also go mushroom picking, thanks to the woods that cover almost all the surrounding hills. Amongst the most famous are those of Braglie and Betulle in Monte S. Giacomo, where you can find an original life itinerary amongst the chestnut trees.

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Acetaia Manicardi
Via Massaroni, 1/B - 41014, Castelvetro di Modena (Modena)
20.85 Kilometers from Montetortore
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