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Romanesque parish church of San Michele

What to see in Fiumalbo, Modena, Emilia-Romagna


This church probably dates back to the period of the Longobard rule (a belief supported by the name). Tradition has it that the inhabitants of Pievepelago, Fiumalbo and Riolunato walked here in a procession and entered the church from three different doors. This custom originates in the aftermath of the war waged by Obizzo Da Montegarullo in the early fourteen hundreds against the marquis Niccolò III d'Este, which destroyed San Michele and divided the three towns. The oldest part of this church is the apse, which boasts beautiful decorations on both the central window and the frame underneath the projection of the shutter. Particularly interesting are the little corbels with figures which were believed to ward off evil and danger.

  • Via Matilde di Canossa, 85, località Ville San Michele, Fiumalbo (Modena)
  • Religious location

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