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Laurel's Cave

What to see in Alcara li Fusi, Messina, Sicily


The Laurel's Cave is located at an altitude of 1,068 m on the western slope of the rocky massif of Rocche del Crasto. Constitutes a pole of extraordinary attraction for the countless stalactites, stalagmites and columns from the most varied forms. In it there is also a type of mammellonare accretion formed by thick layers of calcite, transparent in its interior.

The cave enters the living rock of Crasto to a considerable depth. It is accessed by the flaps of the gigantic rock of Calanna distant from Alcara approximately 7 km. Through a large entrance, at several meters in height from the ground, is accessed in a first cave by the irregular dimensions, with once the highest studded with stalactites of strange shapes; from here, going for a scenario of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and concretions of valuable visual interest, you access a great second cave also very rich in suggestive columnar formations stalagmitiche; from this second cave depart tunnels that lead down even at considerable depth, to numerous other rooms, two of which are very large.

Beyond that from the point of view of geospeleologico the Laurel's Cave is interesting for the presence therein of two specimens of "troglobie" of invertebrates miriapodi high biological interest which constitute an endemism typical and unique of the Cave: Entotalassinum Nebrodium and Beroniscus Marcelii.

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Alcara li Fusi

Alcara li Fusi
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