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Crypt of Our Lady of the Banner

What to see in Tricase, Lecce, Apulia


Located in Sant'Eufemia district, The Rock Church of Our Lady of the Banner was dug in the tufa bank between IX and XI century, constituting for centuries a safe haven and an important place of worship. The settlement was born as a monastery ("Laura"), built by the Basilian monks, to keep running the sacred worship during the religious persecutions. Subsequently became a grancia (farm-Convent), dependent on the Abbey of St. Mary of the Myth.

The structure is articulated around a central compartment square, visible from the outside by a raised with a bell gable. Herein lies a small baroque altar with the fresco of the Virgin with the Child. The compartments of the Hypogeum, repeatedly reorganised in the centuries, are supported by nineteen octagonal columns.

Along the walls remain traces of frescoes survivors. Near the entrance there is a Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John. The north wall maintains the largest number of frescoes arranged in two different layers are ascribable to the XVI century approximately. The bottom layer, in addition to the two female figures, is represented probably the death of San Bonaventura, which occurred in the course of the Second Council of Lyons in 1274.

  • SP184, rione Sant’Eufemia, Tricase (Lecce)
  • Religious location
  • Monument /attraction

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