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Church of Our Lady of Constantinople

What to see in Tricase, Lecce, Apulia


the church was erected in 1685 by Jacopo Francesco Arborio Gattinara, Marquis of San Martino, as reported on the architrave of the main entrance. The building is also known as the new church or church of Devils due to an ancient legend according to which the church was built as a result of a bet between the mentioned marquis and the devil. Was officiated throughout the 18th century; the gradual decay of the building impelled the bishop Ingots for interdirla to worship in 1878.

Possesses an unusual octagonal shape, provided on each side of a window centinata. On the main prospect opens the entrance portal with an architrave bearing, at the center, the Latin inscription with the dedication, the employer and the year of construction. At the top of the bezel from the broken profile lie two volutes. Another portal is preserved walled on the right side. The building is equipped with a small bell gable.

The internal spatiality, also octagonal, is marked by pilasters angular with Corinthian capitals and by round arches. On the walls are the remains of the original altars, a time accompanied by the respective plies. On the main altar was depicted the Virgin of Constantinople, adored by the angels, the saints and by the contracting authority; on other altars in the paintings of the Madonna Annunziata, Sant'Anna, the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel and of San Liborio.

  • Via Madonna di Loreto, 4, Tricase (Lecce)
  • Religious location

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