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Hypogeum of Torre Pinta

What to see in Otranto, Lecce, Apulia


the Hypogeum could date back to the Neolithic period, subsequently extended and exploited in various periods for various functions. Its plan is a Latin cross, probably due to the Basiliani who transformed it into a place of worship, constituted by a corridor (dromos), with barrel vault pierced by many small recesses, terminating in a spherical compartment. The recesses, with great probability, they were destined to receive the cinerary urns of the deceased.

In correspondence of the spherical compartment, from which you access in the three environments absidati, rises a dovecot tower built in the XVII century in replacement of the roof collapsed. Near the entrance opens a small circular environment accommodates a fireplace.

  • SS Tangenziale Sud di Otranto, Otranto (Lecce)
  • Monument /attraction

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