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San Giovanni

What to see in Sante Marie, L'Aquila, Abruzzo


Formerly called Villa di San Giovanni, the small fraction of Sante Marie has been present in the territory since the year one thousand.
The town is located on the side of a hill, about 80 kilometers from Rome near the ancient Via Tiburtina-Valeria, along the Variante SS 5 quarter a few kilometers from the capital Sante Marie.San Giovanni is now a charming mountain village where you will find a genuine welcome.

The history of the small village makes us go back in time, handed down and still told today to those who will have the opportunity to walk the central street and stop "abballe all'Ara" to admire the distant view of Monte Velino, while the air light of the hill brings with it the ancient smell of the wood burned in the fireplaces.
Along the Corso you can see ancient doors, old ovens still in use, you can admire the Church of San Giovanni Battista and get up to the small church on top of the village dedicated to the SS. Madonna of the Star.
San Giovanni is a small village full of history and culture, smells and tastes, which you will not easily forget.

  • 67012, Sante Marie (L'Aquila)
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Sante Marie

Sante Marie

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Giulio Petronio produces Canestrato di Castel del Monte cheese, a Slow food Presidium.
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