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Caldora castle

What to see in Pacentro, L'Aquila, Abruzzo


The Caldora or Cantelmo Castle of Pacentro dates back to the 300 and it's built on a basis of trapezoidal shape. In the corners there are towers, with a square base, of which today are visible only three, typical in the Abruzzo countryside of the Peligna Valley. There are also three circular bastions. The structure has a double wall; the internal one is more ancient, and the exterior is of the epoch of Cantelmo. Several are the coats of arms at the entrance and on the towers. The most readable is that of the Orsini. The decorative apparatus reveals a matrix of the Renaissance, next to the cornice of the bell tower of Santa Maria Maggiore, except the ogival portals.

  • Largo del Castello, 35, Pacentro (L'Aquila)
  • Castle, fortress

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Azienda Zootecnica Gran Sasso
Giulio Petronio produces Canestrato di Castel del Monte cheese, a Slow food Presidium.
Piazzale del Lago, Castel del Monte (L'Aquila)
41.57 Kilometers from Caldora castle
Via Maiella, 6 - 67033, Pescocostanzo (L'Aquila)
19.11 Kilometers from Caldora castle
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