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Church bell International Museum

What to see in Agnone, Isernia, Molise


located inside the foundry Pontifical Marinelli, the family company oldest in Europe and second in the world, founded in the year 1000, the Church bell International Museum of Agnone is also called John Paull II Church bell International Museum. This is the only italian museum entirely dedicated to the processing of the bell, being the foundry is one of the oldest state to continue production of the bronzes for Catholic churches. The museum is the subject of many school visits, also because remember, every anniversary, the tragedy of the earthquake in Molise of 2002.

Inside are preserved pieces of history of the foundry, starting from the Middle Ages up to the present. The most ancient document that the museum contains is a dutch edition of 1664 of the Treaty "De Tintinnabulis" ("On the construction of the bells"), considered the "Bible", of each founder of bells. In addition to pieces of bells and the Teche that retain bronzes of varying shape, appearance and age, the museum possesses finds photographic and video that recall the visits of other popes to the foundry: Pius XI, John XXIII and the already mentioned Pope John Paul II.

At the end of the visit to the museum, which also includes that of the Bottega della construction, a clerk, as was already said, remember the victims of the earthquake in Molise is 2002, playing of the bells. The thought of the gesture is mainly directed to young girls victims of the collapse of the elementary school of the town of San Giuliano di Puglia.

Guided tours
Winter timetable: All days: 1° Visit Noon - 2° Visit hours 16
Summer Time (only the month of August): All days: 1° Visit hours 11 - 2° Visit Noon - 3° Visit 16 Hours - 4° Visit Hours 17. Closed on Sunday afternoon
groups (over 30 people): Reservation is appreciated.

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