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Church of San Bernardo

What to see in Pigna, Imperia, Liguria


At the origin, the church of San Bernardo, whose construction begins between the end of the Fourteenth Century and the beginning of the Fifteenth Century perhaps above a front building, occupied a strategic location surrounded by planted olive groves: rises on a area far a ten minutes walk from the town center of Pigna and probably here stood the wayfarers for the night. By now the chapel is a place of spiritual comfort and refuge in the nights of the Fifteenth Century where each input to the inhabited center is almost impossible in the evening and at night. This church is located on the old road that linked Sanremo, Baiardo, Pigna, Saorgio, tent. It was an important means of communication between the coast and its hinterland, the valley of Roja, the County of Nice, the Piedmont and its valleys. From here passed by mule products coming from the coast (salt, salted fish, spices) that together with the products of the mountainside and of the mountain (oil, wine, chestnuts) reached the valleys of the province of Cuneo and the plains. Did return toward the coast dairy products, dairy products, wheat and other important cereal products. Outside the church you can enjoy the typical panorama of the place: on the left the countryside, cultivated with bands and stone walls dry, right, reigns the Monte Toraggio and, in the foreground, the church of Passoscio, a place of pilgrimage. Inside the church you can admire the cycle of frescoes by Giovanni Canavesio on Passion and the Final Judgment (1462), inspired by the christian dramaturgy. Have a free style with an original research of architectural perspective and realistic expression of human sentiments. You notice the influences of the alpine traditions, south-french and of 'International Gothic'.

  • Piazza Umberto I, 1,, Pigna (Imperia)
  • Religious location

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Via Gramsci, 26 - 18032, Perinaldo (Imperia)
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