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Festival Pavilion

What to see in Castrocaro Terme, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna


The Festival Pavilion, built between 1936 and 1941 under the direction of Tito Chini, represents the Art Deco monument par excellence with its Art Nouveau finishes and decorations and original majolica.
Architecture is typical of rationalism, which has its historical roots in the last century, a period in which a well-defined artistic and architectural language flourished in Italy.
It is a space designed to host conventions, congresses, fashion shows, exhibitions and cultural events that combine well-being and art for guests.

Can be visited by appointment or during exhibitions and events

  • Viale Marconi, 32 c/o Galleria Terme, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (Forli Cesena)
  • Palace
  • Suitable for disabled people
  • For events

Castrocaro Terme

Castrocaro Terme

Sleep, eat, buy...

SIR immobiliare Giuseppe Garibaldi, 29 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole