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Palazzo Pretorio

What to see in Castrocaro Terme, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna


Palazzo Pretorio or the grand-ducal Commissaries is a classic example of Renaissance architecture, with a square plan, with a courtyard bordered by a two-order triportico.

Initially it was the seat of the Court of First Instance for the whole of the Tuscan Romagna to which we had to appeal for all the civil cases enforced in the various captains of the Province.

It was built on a project by Baldassarre Lanci.Inside the palace there are still the rooms decorated for the noble life and the rooms that housed from the end of 1500 to the modern age the Civil and Criminal Court of the entire province, including the narrow dungeons connected by a double spiral staircase helix, of Leonardo's invention.

The Palace is also home to the Museum of Man and the Environment, which tells the ethnographic and naturalistic evolution of the territory, from archeology to relics of the rural tradition.

  • Via Vittorio Veneto, 3 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (Forli Cesena)
  • Mueum
  • Palace
  • Suitable for disabled people

Castrocaro Terme

Castrocaro Terme

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SIR immobiliare Giuseppe Garibaldi, 29 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole
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