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Church of San Giovanni Alla Murata

What to see in Castrocaro Terme, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna


Since 1292 the Baptistery has been defined as the Church of San Giovanni della Torre because it was near the great Tower of the Murata.
Today it is located in the highest part of the historical center of Castrocaro Terme and represents an authentic architectural gem.

The Baptistery, considered sacred, preserves inside, in the center of the circular plan, an Istrian marble sarcophagus of the seventh or eighth century after Christ sculpted in bas-relief, together with a large-scale 17th century fresco depicting Saint John the Baptist.

The building is owned by the Church of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole and is open to the public on the day of the Feast in honor of the Protectress of Castrocaro Terme, the Madonna dei Fiori, in April and then also in the day that recalls and venerates San Giovanni to whom the Baptistery is dedicated, in the month of June.

  • Religious location
  • Monument /attraction
  • Suitable for disabled people

Castrocaro Terme

Castrocaro Terme

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