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Pieve di San Donato in Polenta

What to see in Bertinoro, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna


The church of San Donato in Polenta is located in the homonymous village, in Bertinoro.
Famous for the poem composed by Giosuè Carducci in July 1897 and published in "Rhymes and Rhythms", this church has very ancient origins.
Its construction dates back to the eighth century, by the Lombards.
Following numerous restorations, the church is structured on a plan with three naves in the shape of a basilica, with large circular columns in brick and stone surmounted by stone capitals.
It was in Carducci that the restoration work of the late nineteenth century was started, when in 1887, when the church was visited, it was concerned with the state of abandonment and degradation of this building, in which it is said that it was stopped to pray Dante Alighieri, during the period in which he was a guest of Guido da Polenta, the lord of Ravenna, together with the archpriest monsignor Luigi Zattini and the Pasolini family.
Returned ten years later to Polenta, following the renovation, the poet composed the famous ode"La Chiesa di Polenta", in which it was asked to complete the restoration works, carried out the following year.

  • Religious location
  • Suitable for disabled people



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