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Merinum Necropolis

What to see in Vieste, Foggia, Apulia


The ancient Paleochristian necropolis of salted cemetery complex to the east of the town, located in front of the sea, is one of the attractions the most important archaeological of Vieste. Consisting of over 300 tombs dug into the rock, the necropolis is datable to the III century after Christ and is considered one of the most majestic and evocative of the entire Mediterranean basin as well as the oldest testimony of the arrival of Christianity in the Gargano. Disseminated into caves, the necropolis is composed of loculi terragni parietal and sealed, originally from slabs of terracotta. The same hypogea were used by primitive men as residences and more recently as a shelter for animals. Immersed in the mediterranean macchia vegetation and crossed by two sources, the area is speckled by streams of karstic origin and here are visible fossils of nummuliti trapped in the rock, but also the frog, the tortoise of water and the Snake of water, who live undisturbed in the uncontaminated nature.

  • Strada Provinciale 52, Vieste (Foggia)
  • 0884 708806
  • Archaeological sites
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