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The Ducal Castle

What to see in Bovino, Foggia, Apulia


Together with the Cathedral is one of the historic complexes more interesting for its size and its dominant position, with its Norman tower supported by a massive barbacane, in pyramidal shape. The construction is still retains good, between rocks and walls that partly retain vestiges of roman and hanging gardens. The castle stands on a rocky spur and overlooks the whole "Vallo di Bovino", famous for the raids of the bandits who, until the advent of united Italy, took to assaulting and plundering caravans and coaches that, from the Campania Region, to reach the Adriatic coast, were forced to pass through this narrow and dangerous throat between the mountains. The rooms of the Palazzo Ducale offer the visitor the possibility to appreciate the rich decor and visit the small but charming private chapel with majolica floor, where there is preserved a fragment of Sacred Plug, nestled in a cross of admirable workmanship, together with many relics of saints including a particle of purpura of Jesus Christ.

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Nautica Vieste
Viale XXIV Maggio, 16 - 71019, Vieste (Foggia)
98.77 Kilometers from The Ducal Castle
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