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Ancient Municipal Tower

What to see in Saluzzo, Cuneo, Piedmont


The building of the palace and the Municipal Tower dates back to 1462, during the marquisate of Ludovico I (1416-1475). In 1601, on the occasion of the arrival in the city of Carlo Emanuele of Savoy, the Municipal commissioned to the Saluzzo artist Cesare Arbasia (1547 ca-1607) a celebratory decoration for the signing of the Treaty of Lyon, which sanctioned the annexation of the Marquisate of Saluzzo to the Duchy of Savoy.
The coat of arms of Carlo Emanuele I is flanked by the saints Costanzo and Chiaffredo.
On the first floor is the hall of honor, formerly the seat of the Congregations of the Marquisate, which has a coffered ceiling with mythological, symbolic and heraldic decorations dating back to the 1400s.

Civic Tower

The municipal tower was a sign of the urban community and a symbol of a force independent of the marquis power and religious influence.
High 48 m. at the top bears a dome added in 1556, home to the large bell that marked the time of city life.
In 1993 an important conservation intervention returned it to the citizenship and, with the ascent of 130 steps, it allowed to find a superb panoramic point of view on the village, on the hill up to the plain and the Alps in the distance.

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