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Barbaresco Tower

What to see in Barbaresco, Cuneo, Piedmont


The Tower of Barbaresco represents the symbol of the village of the same name, in the Langhe. From its top you can see all the surrounding country, the course of the river Tanaro, Alba, up to Cherasco from one side, the distant Asti from the other enclosed by a magnificent natural amphitheater formed by the mountain chain of the Alps. Built at the end of the XI, was part of a complex system of fortifications.

A square base is formed in situ in brick, rises on a footing of sandstone and arrival up to the height of 30 meters. At the top there are still the remains of the merlons which were at the time a crown. The lower part up to a little less than two meters represents a sort of central well, with walls rather thick. Higher up there are two successive compartments covered by a barrel vault, which have already been restored in the past. The tower is filled with earth up to half and you will reach the entrance through a ladder from the part of the river Tanaro.

  • Via Torino, 51-63, Barbaresco (Cuneo)
  • Castle, fortress



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