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The Church of Santa Maria dell'Udienza

What to see in Melissa, Crotone, Calabria


shortly after the middle of the Seventeenth Century, the new Prince of Strongoli Domenico Pignatelli, succeeded in the feud of Melissa after the death of Count Francesco Campitelli, erected the Church of Santa Maria dell'Udienza, vulgarly called "ab Audentia". Adjoining the church was built also a hospice and premises for the monks Minor Conventual. At the end of the eighteenth century the church was rich in many ornaments and sacred furnishings. The sacred building, stood outside the walls but not very far from the inhabited area and immediately became the destination of great devotion by part of the population of the entire diocese of Umbriatico and Province, as had spread the fame that had the grace to do miracles. Still today above the portal headed the coat of arms of the Pignatelli (three hollow under a rake three outstanding), who maintained for a long time the ius patronage on the church.

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