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Barracco Castle

What to see in Caccuri, Crotone, Calabria


The castle of Caccuri was the residence of noble feudal lords like the Ruffo, Cavalcanti and Barracco. It was built in the 6th century by the Byzantines as a military fort to control the possessions in the Neto valley. Repeatedly altered, it was almost completely rebuilt by the Cavalcanti family in the 18th century. The last main intervention dates back to 1885, when the Neapolitan architect Adolfo Mastrigli, who was then granted the honorary citizenship of Caccuri, added the rivellino and a cylindrical crenellated tower in imitation of the ancient medieval castles to mask a water tank which served for the same castle. The Mastrigli Tower is the symbol of the municipal emblem of the village of Caccuri, making it recognizable even from afar.

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