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Villa Maggi

What to see in Gradella, Cremona, Lombardy


Villa Maggi can be seen from the iron gate flanked by two pillars to the ashlar lightweight and two benches, behind the walls stands a beautiful chestnut. Beyond the entrance the glance is considerable, the facade by the intense colors is "negative" with respect to the other buildings of the village: a bottom lobster with architectural lines yellow.

The plant of the residence of the counts of Gradella, as it presents itself today is the result of significant changes made by the end of '700 to the second post-war period. Interventions have concerned mainly the service parts, the noble body is substantially remained intact, except the staircase, moved from the original one to another seat.

The facade is constituted by two orders and divided into six mirrors by tall pilasters. In the first order opens a portico with five lowered arches on heavy pilasters with capitals Toscani, left a mirror closed.

The upper order is marked by two marcapiani and characterized by a row of six windows. The pilasters depart by the pillars of the arches and traverse the entire facade up to support another marcapiano that marks the attic.

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