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Visconti Castle

What to see in Gradella, Cremona, Lombardy


Near the village of Gradella is located one of the best preserved castles of the Visconti family in Lombardy, built at the behest of Bernabò Visconti and Regina della Scala, starting approximately from 1355, The Castle of Pandino has still largely architectural structures originating and pictorial decorations of the XIV century, representatives mainly geometric motifs alternating with the insignia of nobility of the Visconti and della Scala. Inside the castle are surely not to be missed:

  • The indoor area and the upper loggia and the numerous frescoed rooms with original paintings from the XIV century;
  • the halls dedicated to medieval life: the Game's Hall, Tarantasio Dragon's Hall and the Tarots' Hall;
  • l’exhibition dedicated to Marius Stroppa 'Marius. Genius and machine', a permanent exhibition of polyhedral artist from Pandino that was graphic artist, illustrator, urbanist and inventor.

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