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St. Peter's Church

What to see in Roccascalegna, Chieti, Abruzzo


The St. Peter's Church of Roccascalegna dates back to 1568, but by analyzing the architectural style, given that the apse is slightly rotated with respect to the central axis of the Church, the structure is due to reclinatio capitis typical of the middle ages and on an arc of the presbytery is engraved with the date of 1461.

The bell tower is carved the date 1805 that could bring the date of construction of the same or a date of restoration of the epoch in which the Church ended up being used as burial place (then was built a cemetery where were entombed the mortal remains inside the church). The times inside are very low and has three naves of basilican type to central apse. The naves are divided by pillars decorated with pilaster strips, separated one another by arcs bass. The time of the lateral naves is to cruise.

  • Via del Castello, 37, Roccascalegna (Chieti)
  • Religious location



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