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The Church of San Domenico

What to see in Badolato, Catanzaro, Calabria


Situated in the highest part of the village, the Church of San Domenico of 1607 in the village of Badolato is one of the biggest testimonies of sacred architecture today existing in Calabria, with a single nave rectangular and with a great front facade in granite. A time appended to a Dominican convent, now disappeared, dates back to 1607. Situated in the higher part of the village has a plant with only one nave, rectangular, with an impressive facade in granite, work of decorators of Serra San Bruno of 1700. At the sides of the portal are two niches simply decorated. The imposing internal architecture is of refined taste, created by the juxtaposition of processed stuccoes white on white. The only trace of color is that of the frescoes of the five panes placed in time, work of Flemish painter Guglielmo Borremams (1730). The elegant blue and red, the delicacies of yellow and green in shades, arouse strong sensations. Five panes depict scenes from the bible that revolve around the figure of San Domenico. You can admire, moreover, a holy water stoup in polychrome marble, supported by a pillar with base with a square plan; a canvas depicting S. Andrea Avellino and S. Michele Archangel of 800. Valuable, finally, is the painting of the '600 depicting Santa Maria del Soccorso, the work of the Painter of stylus Francesco Cozza.

  • Corso Umberto I, 6, Badolato (Catanzaro)
  • Religious location
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