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A' Rejecelle

What to see in Termoli, Campobasso, Molise


A small street located in the heart of the ancient village of Termoli, built between the buildings, marked by house numbers 6 on the 2nd castle side and house numbers 21 r 38 on the side of via Campolieti Nicola Maria and via Salvatore Marinucci is considered not wrongly, one of the most unique and characteristic places of our city.

Its construction certainly dates back to the first urban agglomeration of the Borgo, as can be seen from the material used for the construction of the walls of the two buildings that surround it and for the material used for the roofing: pebbles, sandstone, bricks, beams . . . 

Over the centuries, the little road has undergone various transformations, especially in the upper part which was originally all covered with planks and tiles, supported by brick arches and beams still partly visible.

Surely it was built to make the inhabitants of the village move undisturbed, especially in case of need resulting from events of various kinds, such as wars, dominations and famine, thus avoiding the route of the most important roads of communication, such as the current Via Federico 2° of Swabia, Via Duomo, Via San Pietro and the ramparts of Via Montecastello, regularly guarded by soldiers.

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Agriturismo Salzari
Contrada Montagna, 133 - 86029, Trivento (Campobasso)
38.53 Kilometers from A' Rejecelle
MCM Nautica
Via Corsica 179 - 86039, Termoli
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