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Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Vittoria

What to see in Serri, Cagliari, Sardinia


The Nuragic Sanctuary is the main expression of the village and is located at the south-western end of the Giara di Serri.

The area has been frequented since the early stages of the Nuragic Civilization, from the late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age, and was brought to light in 1907 thanks to the first excavation campaigns by the archaeologist Antonio Taramelli.

The most important structure is the Temple of the Well, destined for the worship of water.
Nearby, it is possible to admire the Fence of the feasts, a vast area with an elliptical plan, where a series of rooms with a cultural function alternate with others used as staging areas for pilgrims and visitors.

There are numerous huts and arcades of the Sanctuary, each with an identifying name, attributed thanks to structural particularities, or elements found in them.
We recall, for example, the Capanna con atrio, the hypetral Temple, the Protonuraghe, the Capanna of the double ax, the Cucina, the Tempio in antis, the Capanna of the Federal Assemblies, the Capanna del custode, and many others.
In the archaeological site it is also possible to visit the small church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, located near the ridge of the Giara.

The management of the archaeological area is entrusted to the Società Cooperativa l'Oleandro.

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