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Riva waterfalls

What to see in Campo Tures - Sand in Taufers, Bolzano, Trentino-South Tyrol


Riva waterfalls (Reinbach-Wasserfälle Reinbachfälle or in German), are also known as waterfalls of Campo Tures. They are located in the locality of Winkel, close to the Maso Garber, at the beginning of the valley of Riva. The trail to the waterfalls part at an altitude of 864 meters s.l.m., in the locality of bathrooms nook (Bad Winkel). Here in fact depart two paths more or less parallel and partly overlapping: The waterfall trail that goes up the course of the river and a sort of Via Crucis, dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. Along this second track are then present beautiful wood carvings and some phrases taken from the Canticle of the creatures, from here the name "Sentiero di San Francesco" (Ted. Franziskusweg) or also called "Trail of the Canticles". At the end of the series of small sacred niches, the trail ends at the top with a small church in granite, which belonged to the now non-existent castle of Toblburg (also known as castel Kofel) 1.172 meters. To walk the path (roundtrip) are required at least 2 hours.

Riva waterfalls are for the precision three, and are formed thanks to the waters of the torrent Riva (ted. Dachau blue), which becomes enlarged when the glacier of the Vedrette di Ries sgela is partially. Surely the most beautiful waterfall of the three is the most upstream (with a jump of well 42 meters, due to an artificial branch of the stream that is exploited for electricity in locality Tobl), which leaves fascinated, also thanks to a suspension bridge on the cliffs that goes through to get to the end of the trail. Instead the base of the cascade low (which has a jump of 10-15 meters), is located an artistic composition that depicts one of the figures of the Cantic of Creatures.

  • Località Cantuccio, 2-12, Campo Tures (Bolzano)
  • Monument /attraction

Campo Tures - Sand in Taufers

Campo Tures - Sand in Taufers

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Acquafun San Candido
Acquafun pool, the specialist center for wellness, health and fitness
Via M.H. Hueber - 39038, San Candido (Bolzano)
31.36 Kilometers from Riva waterfalls
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