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Ginami Castle

What to see in Gromo, Bergamo, Lombardy


The Ginami Castle of Gromo was built in the XIII century by the family Buccelleni for military use as evidenced by the tower armigera now the symbol of the town. Built above a spur or lump of rock, will probably be this position to give the name to the village, which is not in fact appointed in official documents until the dawn of the XIII century.

Built in stone quoins local gray distributed in ashlar style, is positioned above a spur of rock and its imposing tower is visible from all over the valley. The part to the west is facing onto piazza Dante, who was the old market square. On the facade there is a large painting depicting San Cristoforo, performed during the first years of the twentieth century, to hide a damage of the facade. In the part facing the east the building is divided into two separate bodies and parallel, this part underwent a huge reconstruction in '900, when, due to the construction of the new provincial road in the valley bottom, donated a part of the rocky outcrop with one side of the castle. The tower with a square base, which is among the most ancient parts of the complex, has never suffered variations, in 1553 is an act of the Council of capigamiglia of Gromo for the realization of a bell pro faciendo unam campanam quae superius ponatur turis castri dominorum de Becellenis, bell which was authorized by the family of the castle, but that was never realized, the only variation is the roof that covers made in the first years of the twentieth century. In the restoration work of 1952 shooting light the ancient façade in masonry in large ashlars of squared stone and placed in regular courses on the side facing the square.

  • Vicolo Ginami, 1, Gromo (Bergamo)
  • Castle, fortress

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Minimarket Zenoni
Via Bisaccia, 4 - 24020, Gromo
Agenzia Immobiliare Ruggeri Ivan
Via de Medici, 70 - 24016, San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo)
25.39 Kilometers from Ginami Castle
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