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Villa Crespi

What to see in Crespi d'Adda, Bergamo, Lombardy


The building has an appearance late romantic that recalls the medieval constructions for via delle Torri, of the battlements and the use of exposed brick. It has a central plan which occupies a surface of approximately 700 m². The two towers had two different functions: a hosted the tank for the collection of the water, while the second, high approximately 50 m, was used as the belvedere.

At the entrance there is a large atrium of approximately 100 m² that opens in height on the three floors of the villa. Is covered by a double skylight and surrounded by a portico richly decorated. On the ground floor were originally other master bedrooms: the blue salon, the white lounge, study the manor, the Salone Verde features a large fireplace, the red room with glass door that overlooked the garden, a dining room and a room dedicated to the game of billiards. The local service, laundry and kitchen, were placed in the basement.

Climbing an imposing staircase of honor in marble with balustrade in copper decorated with floral motifs, you might have access to the first floor where there were the master bedrooms. To reach the second floor of the building there was a small wooden staircase which gave access to a small glazed room located at the top of the main tower.

Outside the villa is characterised by chromatic contrasts data from the use of brick in red view and strain of the Adda tending to white. For installations decorative were selected from the finest materials such as stones of Saltrio, Mapello and Verona, but also colored marbles pearls columns of windows surmounted by round arches. For the external decoration also became appeal to white Carrara marble, mosaic, frescoes, wrought iron and bronze. All of the interior furnishings were made of wood and made by the laboratories of carpentry of the village.

  • Corso Alessandro Manzoni, 11, Crespi d'Adda, Capriate San Gervasio (Bergamo)
  • Castle, fortress
  • Monument /attraction
  • Villa

Crespi d'Adda

Crespi d'Adda

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