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St. Francis' Convent

What to see in Zungoli, Avellino, Campania


the St. Francis' Convent of the Reformed Friars Minor stands on the place where originally there was the Church of San Cataldo. The construction was irreparably devastated by the earthquake of 1456 and therefore departed from abandonment, despite being invoked in official acts until 1794. In the middle of the sixteenth century, around the small church was built the convent, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1703. Another earthquake struck the complex in 1930, and this gave the opportunity to rebuild and enlarge the convent, that today is structured on two levels: the lower plane, where are located the laboratories in which you work the wool, the refectory, the kitchen and the cellars; and the upper one that hosts the cells of the friars.

The previous construction you retain different parts: the entrance with a fresco representing the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel and the frescoes of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the premises of the north west. Belong to the building also half-destroyed the wooden choir, a frame in which is painted the Madonna and a wooden statue of the Virgin of the baroque period, together with a painting on canvas by the baroque Neapolitan school, depicting St Francis.

  • Via del Convento, 14, Zungoli (Avellino)
  • Religious location

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