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Cavaniglia Castle

What to see in Bagnoli Irpino, Avellino, Campania


The Castle of Bagnoli Irpino is located on the top of the Serra hill, in a dominant position over the Alta Valle del Calore. It shows itself as an imposing and robust quadrangular construction, probably built during the Norman Kingdom of the South, since it has structural features similar to the castles built in that period, whose purpose was to protect the surrounding area from enemy incursions. 
Over the centuries the castle belonged to numerous families, such as: D’Aquino, Giamvilla, Sforza, Cavaniglia (from which it takes its name) and Mayorga-Strozzi.
Under the dominion of the Cavaniglias, the castle was transformed into a noble residence and equipped with an imposing square tower, with an advanced body on the north-west side, which represents the best preserved part of the structure. The complex had a height of 20 meters and was structured on three levels built directly on the bare rock, within which there were 24 rooms.
Around the fifties the castle fell into disuse and was finally abandoned. Today it is possible to visit it after the recent restoration.

  • Largo Castello, 1 - 83043, Bagnoli Irpino (Avellino)
  • Castle, fortress

Bagnoli Irpino

Bagnoli Irpino

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