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The Ecomuseum of the Chestnut

What to see in Raggiolo , Arezzo, Tuscany


The Ecomuseum of the Chestnut of Raggiolo was born from the close bond between the populations of the Teggina Valley and peculiarity of the landscape. In fact the chestnut, thanks to the care of the man, became domestic plant for excellence and indispensable resource for the supply of the Casentino populations. In this environment the populations have always valued a particular species known as "Raggiolana", from the place of origin, who were distinguished for the plentiness of fruit is small and not of excellent quality, but once dried and reduced to flour, suitable for long-term preservation. The center of interpretation, located inside the village of Raggiolo, has as main themes of the itinerary of the collection and food use of chestnut, returned in order to allow the reading of the signs of which can be recognized outside in the forest and in those articles squeegee and mill functional to the working of the fruit. If the chestnut forest, together with the forest of beeches and firs is the element that characterizes the Casentino vegetable mantle, Ortignano Raggiolo we enter into the kingdom of chestnut: today as in the past the agrarian landscape of the valley of the Teggina appears to be dominated by this plant. Human activities linked to the cultivation of chestnut, constitute the identity of Raggiolo, since they have determined the life, customs and traditions. The Ecomuseum is proposed as active keeper of these ancient knowledge of mountain people, preserving and presenting the collective memory of a Community geographically delimited. The Ecomuseum of the Chestnut of Raggiolo articulated through a series of spaces, signs and diffuse architectures in the territory of the Teggina Valley, with particular reference to the village of Raggiolo. It is the point of reference for the entire system. Through work tools, miniatures, panels and a multimedia section, it is possible to trace a trip around the "chestnut civilization" and acquire tools and information for the visit to the path. The space hosts another precious fragment of the identity of the country: the map of the Community of Raggiolo realized with the direct contribution of the inhabitants. Opening Times April/June: Sundays and holidays from 16 to 18; July: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 4 pm to 7 pm; August: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to noon and from 4 pm to 7 pm; September/November: Sundays and holidays from 15 to 17. Other openings on request

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Il Convivio dei Corsi
Il Convivio dei corsi di si trova nel Borgo Raggiolo, in Tuscany.
Piazza san Michele, 3, Ortignano Raggiolo
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