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Porta San Giusto

What to see in Lucignano, Arezzo, Tuscany


It opens in the south-west stretch of the walls, facing Siena, and is the privileged access point to the historic centre of Lucignano.

The gate, with a rectangular plan, is incorporated into the walls and bears on the front a copy of the Medici coat of arms that fell in 1965. Turning right we enter Via Matteotti, the main street of the town, formerly known as Via dell'amore because of its strong ties with the city of Siena or even Borgo Ricco, because along this street there were the palaces of the most authoritative and powerful families, such as Palazzo Battelli - Renzuoli, Palazzo Arrighi - Griffoli (which today houses the homonymous Elderly Residential Center) and Palazzo Arnaldi - Capei, the only building that retains its medieval character.

  • 52046, Lucignano (Arezzo)
  • Monument /attraction



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Il Convivio dei Corsi
Il Convivio dei corsi di si trova nel Borgo Raggiolo, in Tuscany.
Piazza san Michele, 3, Ortignano Raggiolo (Arezzo)
44.84 Kilometers from Porta San Giusto
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