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The Abbey of San Salvatore a Soffena

What to see in Castelfranco di Sopra, Arezzo, Tuscany


placed precisely at the gates of Castelfranco, but fortunately he isolated and nestled between the green of the olive trees and vines, today the complex of Badia di San Salvatore a Soffena constitutes an extraordinary business card for those who arrive in the country by way of the Setteponti. The complex is constituted by the church, cloister and convent. The Badia is mentioned in a document of 1014. In 1090 with a papal bull of Pope Urban II°, was entrusted to the monks of Vallombrosa together with other possessions. In the first decades of 1700 however the Badia ando' meeting to a rapid decline; it was in fact intended for agricultural use with the consequent dispersion of the artifacts and damage of the frescoes. The Church, remembered for the first time in 1076, insists on the structures of a building of the IX-X century. Between the XIII and XIV century it was rebuilt in a rotated position with respect to the previous building. While adopting the scheme vallombrosian architectural a latin cross with the lantern, the building has some solutions, as the transverse arches in terracotta, peculiar to the new language of the 13th century. The bell tower is open from a round of elegant mullioned windows with two lights in the belfry. In the interior, a cycle of frescoes of the life of San Giovanni Gualberto by Neri di Bicci; a Madonna with Child by Paolo Schiavo; an Annunciation by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni called lo Scheggia, brother of Masaccio; and a Massacre of the innocents of freed from Rieti. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 13 to 19 , Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 14 Sunday: open 2 rd and 4 th of the month from 8 to 14 free entry.

  • Via del Pian di Badia, 3, Castelfranco di Sopra (Arezzo)
  • Religious location

Castelfranco di Sopra

Castelfranco di Sopra

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Il Convivio dei Corsi
Il Convivio dei corsi di si trova nel Borgo Raggiolo, in Tuscany.
Piazza san Michele, 3, Ortignano Raggiolo (Arezzo)
13.70 Kilometers from The Abbey of San Salvatore a Soffena
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