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Galbino Castle

What to see in Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany


Historical building dating back to the 11th century, located between a tributary of the Tiber, the Sovara, and the provincial road of Libbia, Galbino is the most evident example of an ancient castle whose original structure has been modified considerably to be used as a noble residence by Counts of Montauto until the end of the 18th century.

Immersed in the hills and covered by woods and olive groves, Galbino Castle has a square-shaped base with a raised central section and four round towers placed at the top, embellished with Renaissance and Baroque windows.

  • 52031, Anghiari (Arezzo)

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Il Convivio dei Corsi
Il Convivio dei corsi di si trova nel Borgo Raggiolo, in Tuscany.
Piazza san Michele, 3, Ortignano Raggiolo (Arezzo)
28.42 Kilometers from Galbino Castle
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