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Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard

Where to shop in Etroubles, Aosta, Aosta Valley


High quality craft beers are produced in a plant in Gignod in Valle d'Aosta, located at an altitude of 1,000 m. The new factory, which works since June 2017 and is over 4.500 square meters, has a brand new technological production plant of 35 hl with an annual production capacity of 20.000 hl. Since October 2017, in addition to the bottling and casing lines, a new line for can packaging has been introduced! In fact, the new can of 33cl, which was silkscreened by Napea, was launched on the market. All beers have an extraordinary basic ingredient: water from the Great St Bernard Valley. There is not much to say: it is pure, unspoilt and flows directly from the top of the Alps of the Valle d'Aosta. The purchased malt is mostly Italian. Then, it is imported from Germany, Great Britain and Belgium to create the most particular nuances. The hops are mainly purchased from Tettnang, in Lower Bavaria, from a small family business. The other hops used for the production are English, American, Slovenian and Belgian. Each yeast has particular characteristics to give each beer different tastes and nuances. Among the a little more special ingredients there is the génépy, from which only native varieties grown exclusively in our small mountain region are used to give a flavour to the Valle d'Aosta GNP beer and then pumpkin, grown in Valle D'Aosta and used for Christmas beer, the Couche.

  • Rue des Forges 1, Etroubles (Aosta)
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