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Vachéry Tower

What to see in Etroubles, Aosta, Aosta Valley


the medieval tower of Vachéry dates back to the XII century and was probably used as a sighting tower in visual link with other towers from the same function. It belonged to the family Vachery (or De Vacheria), faithful to the noble de La Tour of Etroubles and that probably took its name from the tower, family that became extinct in the XV century. Come less the defensive needs, was later remodeled to residential needs. During the second world war the fraction of Vachéry was burned to a Nazi reprisal. In order to meet the population in dire straits local administration the donated the tower in order to obtain building material, but the excessive cost of demolition risparmiarono medieval structure.

The tower of Vachéry is a cylinder block with square plan which presents some important building analogies with other Valdostane towers built in the floor as the thick walls 2 meters. Like the other medieval towers also had the raised entrance to 8 meters in height, to prevent the conquest on the part of his enemies. The inhabitants there accessed via a wooden staircase removable. Later was added an access to the ground floor while the access originating on the west side was walled up.

A breach of uncertain dating on solid structure has given life to a legend in which La dama di Vachéry, wife of the vassal of the tower that had made bad hospitality to a nobleman of the House of Savoy, implored and moved to pity the latter, by convincing him not to dismiss their rights the vassal her husband and to stop the demolition of the tower, decided on by the angry lord against the dwelling in which had so badly slept. The tradition wants that, conversely, the noble Savoia demanded that the breach would never be restored, a warning and a memory of his generosity.

  • Frazione Vachery, 13, Etroubles (Aosta)
  • Castle, fortress



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