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'À Étroubles, avant Toi sont passés...' Outdoor Museum

What to see in Etroubles, Aosta, Aosta Valley


The medieval village of Etroubles is transformed into an open-air museum, a permanent art gallery with the works of artists of world renown and the collaboration of the Fondation Gianadda of Martigny. Among the Italian artists: the painter and sculptor Salvatore Sebaste, among the major exponents of the art of the Mezzogiorno, sculptors ferraresi Alberto Quarter and Sergio Zanni, the milanese painter Carlo Brenna and Fiorentino Andrea crabs. Between the French Féraud Albert, the more famous sculptor living beyond the Alps, Guido Magnone, the painter Evelyne Otis Bacchi. The French section is enriched by a work of the painter scenographer Norbert Verzotto, recently disappeared, kindly donated by the family. Among the swiss stands out Hans Erni, the most famous Swiss artist, but there is also Yves Dana. Figure, finally, also Mekhtiev Assaf, originating in Azerbaidjan and resident in Aosta. Open and close the path wood carvings of the Valdostans Giulio Schiavon and Siro Viérin and some creations of Chicco Margaroli and Franco Balan.

In 2006 were introduced two works of the artist Italo Bolano of the Island of Elba, while 2010 saw the inauguration of the works of Michel Favre of Martigny and Chicco Margaroli of Aosta: these two works of art embellish the piazza Emile Chanoux, situated in the pedestrian area. From 2007 Etroubles organizes in summer season of temporary exhibitions with the major artists of the last two centuries: Artigas, César, Chagall, Chilida, Christo, Claudel, Daumier, Degas, Debuffet, Erni, Favre, Diego and Alberto Giacometti, Graetz, lobe, Maillol, Pernalba, Picasso, Poncet, Raboud, Rodin and Szafran.

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