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Roman Gaul Road

What to see in Bard, Aosta, Aosta Valley


the area of Bard represented a forced passage since Roman times. In the vicinity of the fort are still visible the ruins of a stretch of the ancient Consular Road, a military column, arches and walls of support and a stone bridge. Between the 100 b.c. (Foundation of Eporedia - now Ivrea) and 25 b.c. (deduction of the colony of Augusta Praetoria - now Aosta ), the bridge on the Elex (the current stream Lys) is now an exciting reality, the whirling billows and ribollenti cannot that bite into the mighty bases of the bridge, which are nothing more than the rocks in the same bed of the stream.

The success of the victorious feat was best viaticum for the thousands of workers servile, engaged in excavations necessary to proceed in the herculean job of "Via delle Gallie".

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