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St. Lucy's Church

What to see in Serra San Quirico, Ancona, Marche


the baroque Church of St. Lucy of Serra San Quirico was already documented from 1276. the Church was passed on to the order sivestrino in 1289, when the monks there moved by opening a hospice, which became the "Monastery of Santa Lucia". In 1504 the church was elevated to parish.

The Church has small dimensions and an opulent interior of the baroque style, rich with paintings, stuccoes, notches and gilding. Has a basilica plan with a nave apse. On each side there are three chapels, all featuring frontals in polychrome inlays in scagliola. In the second chapel on the left is hosted the painting Santa Lucia between Our Lady and Saint Catherine, attributed to Guido Reni. In the apse there are five large paintings depicting the Martyrdom of Santa Lucia, works on the design of vicentino Pasqualino Rossi.

  • Via Marcellini, 4, Serra San Quirico (Ancona)
  • Religious location

Serra San Quirico

Serra San Quirico

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Azienda Vitivinicola Carletti
Via Colle Lauro, 18, 60021, Camerano (Ancona)
45.44 Kilometers from St. Lucy's Church
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