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Art gallery Jutta Motzko

Services in Gradara, Pesaro e Urbino, Marche



Walking through Gabicce Monte (Pesaro), it is possible to find a very special and unique art gallery, recently renovated with a modern style. There is a long and big window through which you can enjoy a wonderful and panoramic view that overlooks the adriatic coast, many many paintings, a piano and the artist: Jutta Motzko.

Looking at the horizon through the windows, where do the sea end and the sky begin?

We ask this question to Jutta, who transformed it into an art. Her art. With an original expressive force that ranges between long, colored lines resulting from an individual observation of the simplification of nature. Her paintings are the evidence of the different painting techniques and love, a lot of love, for painting itself. «Since I was very young, I felt the urge to enter directly into contact with music, dance and painting, three connected arts that, when they meet, give rise to an engaging and intense expressive union. In my case, painting has prevailed and it has been my way of expressing myself. Sometimes outdoors, I use the oil colors, I stop for a long time looking at the landscape, then I let myself be transported by impressions which I transfer on the canvas until I finish the painting, working and working. I also use watercolors, which is a quicker technique and which allows me to exalt spontaneous emotional immediate impressions. Additionally I use acrylic colors which is the consequence of a deeper inner analysis, resulting from prolonged observation of the sea that is then reflected on the canvas, even without being there. Because the realistic reproduction of the subject is not as important as the emotions and the sense of infinity that aroused me. During my studies I was struck by the transparency of cubism, geometric shapes and Picasso's style. I have interiorized all this information and developed my own style. I have been painting since I was 17 years old. As a young girl I used different forms of expression, which gave importance to social, environmental and political issues. Only after years I started painting landscapes and I wanted to express the colorful exaltation of nature, especially the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast, as I had moved to live in those areas. I understood that I received more inspiration directly from the observation of nature and my painting took on a new meaning: giving color to all the states of the soul. Through color I manage to recount lively and explosive emotions that become my life and my intimacy on the canvas».

What do you hope the public sees through your paintings?

«When I paint, I freely express my inner world and reveal it to the eyes of the spectator. I would like to arouse love, feelings and meanings present within each of us, to let them float freely as in an inner whirl. I like observing the reactions of my paintings. I am satisfied when I perceive that letting go completely, giving free rein to emotions, to the moods of the moment, to all the most hidden and deep feelings that pass from moments of ecstasy, surprise , serenity and joy without limits. This is precisely my goal».

Now that your art gallery dominates the sea, is your expressiveness easier?

«I feel in heaven. I look at the colorful shades that the harmony of nature offers and I feel stimulated to reproduce them because I would like to give that feeling of peace that transmits me. It would make me really happy, when I sell my paintings, to pass on these feelings to the buyer's home. All my life I've wanted a small window overlooking  the sea and now I find myself in this wonderful art gallery which has thirty meters of windows. And it is exactly here where I can express myself without any limits».

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